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Wedding Planner's, VIP's, and Ordinary Couples

I forgot what??

You’re paying attention to all the details, you know how much they matter. Yet, you've forgotten something. I guarantee it.

There are two names NOT on your guest list. Ironically, they are the VIPs at your wedding.

Yes, I’m talking about YOU!

Of COURSE, you’re going to attend your wedding. You’ve counted yourself for the caterer, you’ve got an exclusive place to stand during the ceremony, you have the privilege of telling the band or DJ what to play. You probably even have a special get-away ride at the end of the night. So what could make your day MORE special?

Enter J Lo. Well, not J Lo specifically. Enter The Wedding Planner.

Why a planner? Depending on your needs, wants – and, honestly, your budget – this person can do as much or little of the planning as you’d like. From vendor selection (they usually have a cadre they have worked with and can recommend), to design elements, and orchestrating the flow of the day, a wedding planner will aid you with making sure you have the wedding of your dreams. And if a planner just isn't in your budget, let me highly recommend that at minimum you hire one as day-of coordinator, which gets to my point . . .

You and your partner MUST be the VIP guests at YOUR wedding!!

You’ve spent the last several months, and more, planning, organizing, and agonizing over the details of this most special day, so the person who knows ALL of the specifics is. . . you.

On wedding day when people have questions, and they will, they’ll come to you. So instead of floating through your day on cloud 9, you'll be bogged down managing EVERYTHING.

Would you rather spend more on flowers or a live band? Sure. But investing in a planner or coordinator can mean the difference between really getting to revel in the lovely details of the soirée you’ve worked so hard to create, or feeling as though your grand exit arrived before you even had a chance to enjoy yourself.

Need a few more reasons why a wedding planner helps make you feel like a guest on your one-of-a-kind day? Check out this article from Inside Weddings.

🖤 ModWed


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