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The Absolute Must Have First Look (and why)

It can TOTALLY feel like you’re in a pressure cooker…

It's wedding day and not only is there a lot going on, but you're jittery with the anticipation of seeing your partner. And, if you haven’t planned for it, you can end up getting whisked away into the busyness of the day and before you know it, you're running through sparklers to your getaway car.

Have you ever used an Instant Pot? It’s literally a pressure cooker. If you have, you’ve used that little nozzle on the top that releases the pressure so the whole thing doesn’t explode when it’s time to open the lid.

There’s a reason I used that analogy. Your wedding day is the culmination of A. LOT. The months, or more likely years, of your relationship with your partner. All the time spent wedding

planning. Then there’s the expectations, dreams, and hopes you’ve had building your entire life. That’s a lot to have happen all in one day! A First Look, well planned, is that little nozzle. It releases the pressure so you can be present. It’s a private moment to be surprised seeing your lover for the FIRST time on W. day and marinate in the ecstasy of your love for each other! (And, if you wrote love letters, the ideal time to exchange them.)

I don’t know how many people you invited to your wedding, but unless you’re eloping, you will be sharing your partner with those people for the rest of the day. While I’m sure you’re looking forward to seeing (almost) everyone on your guest list, this day is about the two of you.

When you incorporate a First Look, with no one else around (ok, beside your photographer and videographer, because someone needs to capture these moments), you have an opportunity to connect and simply be together. To look deep in each other’s eyes without distraction, or an audience, and just exist together.

Seriously, I can’t think of any moment more amazing on the day of your marriage. (And, trust me, you’ll want the photos and video, too. First Looks often end up producing some of the most emotional, meaningful, and gorgeous photos -- often becoming the couple’s favorites.)

Are you sold yet? If not, there’s the practical reasons too. . .

Incorporating a First Look not only gives the two of you love birds special time together without the crowd but you can also get a majority of your desired photographs taken pre-ceremony so there’s less hustling between “I do” and “let’s raise a toast.” The last thing you want is to feel the need to rush on your wedding day. (Plus, I’ve been to that wedding where we waited what ended up being hours between ceremony and reception. The appetizers ran out and half the guests ended up leaving all because the newlyweds were getting their photos taken.) Another bonus, when you inevitably tear up, you’ll have ample time to touch up before the rest of the pictures and the ceremony.

A First Look isn’t the oldest of wedding traditions, but it’s an excellent one that’s here to stay. If you need any more convincing, just take a quick peek at these gorgeous examples from weddings of every location and style. Then go into your day knowing all the pressure is coming off in that treasured First Look.

Much 🖤, ModWed


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