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Say Cheese

KIDDING! Please, don’t say cheese. In fact, if you can pretend we’re not here at all, that’d be great.

The only person who wants dynamite wedding photos more than your photographer is your partner. Feeling badass in front of the camera is key, but not everyone is a natural. That’s ok! We’ve got you covered!

Here are our BEST tips to get you zen in front of the lens.

# 1: Don’t Overthink It!

We know, it sounds easier than it is. Tuning out that inner critic will pay off in the final product, though! “Professional photographers will tell you that the least photogenic people are those who believe that they look terrible in pictures.” - Emily Adams, LA Times So get your mental game in check with a reminder of just how HOT you are!

# 2: Take a Deep Breath

It may seem kind of obvious but taking a few deep breaths will help you relax – which will then make you look more relaxed. Where the breath goes, the body follows. If the sight of the shutter box has you feeling shy, take those slow, deep breaths (try a count of 3-5 in and 5-7 out) and you’ll relax in to looking like you feel it!

# 3: Get a Move On!

Nothing looks, and perpetuates feeling, more awkward that standing stiffly in one place. They warn you not to lock your knees at the altar, don’t do it for the pictures either! Sure, there will be moments for standing still, leave it to us to tell you when. Not sure how to move in photo-friendly ways? Try these on for size:

  • shift your weight

  • move – touch your or your partner tenderly but CONFIDENTLY (limp touches look terrible). Wrap your arms around them from behind, touch their face, put a hand in your pocket, adjust your tie/collar/cufflinks, dress, etc.

  • roll those shoulders back

  • show a little love and romance to your partner – dance with them, spin them, hold hands. Whatever makes the two of you smile!

# 4: Don’t Underestimate a Practice Session

The best way to get comfortable in front of the camera is to get in front of the camera! Do selfies help? Maybe a little, but not really. Nothing compares to teaming up with a professional! Schedule your engagement session and they’ll work through the awkwardness and jitters, while building confidence and telling the story of your romance. (Need more reasons to convince your partner it’s worth the time and money investment? Check out this list at Bridal Guide!) Speaking of the story of your romance…

# 5: Think About Your Babe!

Along with looking them in the eyes and doing a little soul gazing, think about them… naked! A little too sexy for you? Fine, fine. How about the first time you saw them? The moment you realized they were the person you wanted to spend forever with? Think about the things you love and the romance, adoration, and, yes, sexiness, will reach the camera.

With all the wonderful, sparkling moments you’ll experience during your wedding, photos and video will be the way you relive that day, again and again. Trust us, it’s SO worth the time to tap into your most confidant and gorgeous self!

PS – If you’re looking for a few more hot tips, check out this great article from Brides.


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