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Transform Your Wedding Day With This

Those days, weeks, and months in the run up to your wedding day often feel like a whirlwind. Sometimes the speed is breakneck, sometimes it’s a little more relaxed – but it’s typically intense.

There are loads of decisions to be made, often with your partner, and sometimes those decisions won’t leave you feeling warm and fuzzy towards each other. I remember in the run up to my wedding there was a passionate dispute as to the location and it quickly became a watershed moment. We took the time to sit (well, stand on opposite ends of the room) and talk through the disagreement. It worked out, but it’s exactly those stressful moments that can make the planning feel all consuming. . . .And, leave you thinking where’s the love??

Allow me to introduce The Love Letter.

While wedding trends come and go, this special letter writing and exchange is timeless. Anyway, I’m sure the concept isn’t new to you, but know this isn’t just any old love letter.

Without pressure, without pretense, and without production (leave that to us), this is a letter to your lover. The Love Letter ushers you into a sacred and centered moment in the midst of all that wedding day buzz. Writing this the day of creates an incredible moment to anchor yourself in the passionate love you have for your partner and strength of the commitment

you are making to each other.

(And artistically if you have a videographer, it makes for stunning emotional moments we’re obsessed with creating for your wedding film!)

What goes in to adding this powerful centerpiece to your wedding day? So glad you asked. . .

  • First, you’ll want to set aside a hot minute before the first look or ceremony (so, really, 10 to 15… 30 if you’re able). *If writing on wedding day just feels like too much, do it ahead of time then stage the writing for photo and video and follow the rest of the steps.

  • Choose a location conducive to peace and reflection.

  • Make sure you each have pen and paper.

  • Get your photographer + videographer in on the details to make sure they capture both of you.

  • Have your videographer capture audio of each of you reading your love letter aloud. Have them use the audio in post production for the writing and first look.

  • Exchange letters during your first look experience. (If you don’t plan to see each other until you’re at the altar, exchange your letters in the quiet beat after the ceremony, before the party.)

And just in case writing feels a bit intimidating, here are some ideas to get your letter oozing with love . . .

Think about their smile, their eyes… maybe the way their hair lays or the quirky face they make. What details do you remember from the first time you met? How do they impress you? What about them drew you in?

Then there's love. It’s such a simple word, but it means so many things. Does it evoke feelings of comfort? Excitement? Security? Sensuality? Love means a myriad of things – take some time to think about what it truly means to you and share it. Tell them not only how you’ve loved them, but how you look forward to loving them in the future you’re creating. And don't forget to tell them how being loved BY them makes YOU feel!

Centering you and your lover in all the reasons the day is so important will truly make the day magical!!

Remember, the party won’t go on without you, and you won't regret this intimate moment with your soul mate--we guarantee it.

Enjoy, 🖤 ModWed


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