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Bring the House Down Mr. DJ

I bet you've been to *this* reception. . . You've settled into your seat at the table chatting it up while you wait for the newlywed's grand entrance when your conversation is finally interrupted by the DJ announcing the happy couple.

"Introducing the newly married couple, Mr. and Mrs. …" *Uncomfortably long pause while we all KNOW the DJ is trying to sound out the pronunciation of the couples last name* *butchers last name in spite of the time lapse we could have fit the first dance in*

It’s embarrassing—for everyone. So, we all know to make sure the DJ we hire knows and can pronounce our last name while creating an EPIC party. Check.

. . .But there’s still more to it and DJ Robert Walk of Just Weddings DJ Service has the job dialed in.

He is one of our absolute FAVORITE DJ’s to work with at weddings! When we know he’s the event’s emcee, it’s easy to relax and KNOW the flow of events is guaranteed to be expertly crafted and FUN! We’ve even seen this man save the day -- more than a few times! (Once, the happy couple had no idea that their event needed saving until well after the fact -- he’s that good!)

You don’t need to take our word for it, though. Read the reviews at WeddingWire

people adore him! Or, simply contact him for a consultation here.

. . .And when it comes to the music, he’ll bring the energy you’re looking for to get guests to the dance floor without feeling pushed! (I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to *that* wedding, too. The one where the music was great, but no one would go the dance floor.) It takes more than the right tunes – it requires a magnetic personality, and our Mr. DJ has it!

So what else does it take to bring the house down with a really good DJ?

They Listen – What? You mean you don’t want to have the Chicken Dance played? That’s cool. And there should be no less than three The Weekend songs and one Ed Sheeran? Your DJ is down, because they listened to exactly what you were looking for. Even better – they helped curate the mood with strategic questions long before anyone was hitting a dance floor.

They Plan – Yep. They’ve got mad skills for strategic planning and timing. They will work with your wedding planner, or you, weeks in advance to architect your wedding day timeline down to the minute (and they know to weave in time for us, your photographer + videographer). If they’re not already familiar with your venue, they’ll be reaching out determining when they can show up and set up, what the rules are regarding smoke machines, sound levels etc. They’ve been doing this for a while, so they know what to ask the person in charge! (And, no, I don’t mean you. You’ve got enough on your plate – a great DJ won’t be shy about coordinating with the venue.)

They Love More than the Music – A really good DJ will do more than just play good music. They’re your hype person. They’ll get your guests in the zone and on the dance floor! No waiting for things to happen – they bring the house down, entertaining all and keep the evening moving forward with that high energy vibe.

xoxo, 🖤 ModWed


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