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A Garter Toss for This Century

It's a tradition

. . .but it needs some spice!

Traditions have their place and meaning. They connect us through the generations, and that’s important. In fact, did you know the garter toss is one of the oldest wedding traditions still in practice? (If you're a bit of a history buff, check out this article on its origin.) But It's also feeling a touch stale for modern times.

So, how about adding a little flavor to this age-old tradition and keeping it going?!

If your style is humor, consider:

  • The Bait & Switch – have the bride seated and ready for the groom to retrieve the garter, but surprise the groom with a blindfold. After he’s blindfolded, and thinking he’s going to get to have “friendly hands” on his new wife, do a quick switch from the bride to the best man (with naked or panty-hosed leg and garter in place), seated in her place! Trust me, the groom’s scream is TOTALLY worth it!

  • The Treasure Chest – instead of the garter (or, in addition to, if you want to maintain the tradition), the groom pulls all manner of random items from under the bride’s dress to toss at waiting guests. Be as creative or off-beat as you like! A rubber giraffe? Colorful wig? Perhaps one of those tiny piñatas?? Bonus if it’s filled with (or condoms if it’s an adult only reception). 😉

  • A Lap Dance - Yep, lap dance, that's what I said! Want your guest's full attention? Well then it's time for the GROOM to get his GROOVE on! Have him give a lap dance. (Nothing will please her/him more!)

If your wedding is kid friendly:

Do a separate kid toss with candy or kid friendly trinkets! Then the adults can have their fun without the kiddos feeling left out… or potentially stepped on.

If your style is competitive:

  • Two words: Cash. Incentive. Wrap that garter around a little cash (Singles for the Singles) and make it rain!

  • Garter for a growler! The catcher of the garter also wins a growler of the couple’s favorite beer, or bottle of their favorite drink.

And if you still need more ideas, check out this list from Zola! Bottom line: make it your OWN. It is, after all, YOUR big day!

🖤 ModWed


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