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Bride and groom "first look" on wedding day


Extraordinary photography isn’t simply

captured, it’s sculpted.


Creating images that will take your body emotionally back to a moment, or captivate a grandchild years down the road requires technique.

Our style fuses together elements of light and shadow, color and composition. The result, emotionally evocative photographs that will hold you captive for a lifetime -- mind, body, and soul.

Stunning couple in Indian wedding attire


You'll spend countless hours creating your wedding experience. Capturing the moments with photography isn’t always enough though. You'll want to relive it -- like scenes in a movie.

Inspired by cinema verite, an immersive and artistic filming method, we'll capture the natural beauty and magic of your wedding day like a Hollywood film. Our genius is to create a piece of art that will take you back to the emotions and memories of each

moment, every time you watch it.

Sara + Gavin
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